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Medications Can Save Your Life

A survival
contains the necessities, food, water and a means to make fire, but
also should contain enough medications to keep you healthy. Additional medications
that you will want to add to your survival kit may be needed. Aspirin works
on fevers, and aches. Ibuprofen is for inflammation. Additional over the counter
medications you should have on hand are Kaopectate for diarrhea, and Pepto Bismol
for stomach maladies. An additional item to have on hand is an unbreakable thermometer.
Have vitamin supplements available for the entire family. Look for energy boosting
and fatigue fighting natural supplements like B12, or ginseng. Sugar and caffeine
abound in energy bars and drinks. use them cautiously. Ipecac syrup is a good
thing to have on had if you have to induce vomiting in someone who has eaten
tainted foods. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for an extra months worth of
any regular prescription drugs that you may be taking.


It is doubtful that you will be able to get any type of pharmaceutical antibiotics
prior to a disaster. If you think that you can just save a few pills from current
prescriptions don’t do it. This is hazardous to your current health. Today’s
antibiotics are targeted for specific infections and calculated to be used fully.

A better choice would be to educate yourself on natural herbal remedies and
cures. A good read with lots of information about the natural healing powers
of herbal remedies is "Herbal
Remedies Secrets
". It goes into how to grow and prepare your own herbal
remedies and what herbs are used for what conditions.

In conclusion, when disaster strikes, don’t neglect your health, it could mean
the difference between life or death. Without a survival
and a survival kit which includes both prescription medications and
natural cures, you may not be able to survive a disaster. Knowledge is power,
so learn first aid, learn natural treatments for emergencies. That knowledge
could save your life.

Survival Kits

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Emergency Preparedness

We write about disaster survival and survival supplies. And protecting yourself and your family when disaster strikes.


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